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it has no rear axle

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Q: Is 97 grand prix rear axle the same as 97 lumina?
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How much would it cost to replace a rear axle on a 2004 grand prix?

if i remember right a 2004 grand prix is a front wheel drive motor so it wouldn't have a read axle just rear wheel bearing

Where can you find a picture of a 2006 Grand Prix rear axle?

Are you sure it's got one?

Where is fuel tank on a 97 lumina?

Behind the rear axle

Is the Pontiac grand prix rear wheel drive?

No, the Pontiac G8, which is the Grand Prix replacement is, but the Grand Prix hasn't been rear wheel drive ever since the 70's.

Will a compass rear view mirror from a 2003 Grand Prix work on my 1998 Grand Prix without re-wiring?

yes it should be plug and play

How do you remove the rear seat on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

just pull on it!

Where can you find a 2000 Grand Prix rear view mirror wiring diagram?

It is important to have the wiring to the rear view mirror correct for safety reasons. A person can find the diagram to a 2000 Grand Prix rear view mirror in its specific maintenance manual.

Are there rear CV joints on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

no, it has a live axle.

Rear suspension on 1996 pont. grand prix?

The 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix was offered in 3.1 and 3.4L engine options. Both featured an independent rear suspension using struts, trailing arms and a stabilizer bar.

Is a Pontiac grand prix front wheel drive?

The Pontiac grand prix became front wheel drive in 1988-present. Before '88 it was rear wheel drive.

Where is the Charcoal canister location on a 99 grand prix?

The Charcoal canister for a 99 Grand Prix Gt in in the drivers rear tire well. you have to remove wheel and then a plastic cover to get to it.

2 rear speaker sizes for 97 grand prix gt?

6x9 and 4"