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No, it is not.

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Q: Is 5' 9 too small for middle weight boxing?
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How much does a feather weight fighter weigh?

There are a minimum of six governing bodies in pro and amateur boxing. They all have varying weight classes and are too numerous to mention. See the attached link,

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Probably the USA. But Europe is pretty big on boxing too, so you never know.

Gr. 9 Inside Linebacker. 130 pounds. Am I too small?

The average weight of a 9th grade inside linebacker is around 140 pounds, so you are not too small.

I weigh 90 lbs going into high school and i really want to play freshmen football. Can i play or am i too light. if i can what position. What is the minimum weight to play.?

Too light IMO, if you want to excel just choose a different sport like track swimming soccer or wrestling/boxing where they have weight classes

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from first he likes to boxing so he's gola is too beacome good at boxing. and help in us historical

Would i be too small to play linebacker?

It depends how tall are you and how much you weigh? Linebackers need weight and strength.

Is 44 too old to start boxing?

No way man (or woman). Get out your gloves!

Is 28 to old to start boxing?

Usually yes it's too old.