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Thirty all.

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Q: Is 30-30 in tennis called by any other name?
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What is the name of the tennis center in Brisbane?

The current major tennis centre there is called, "The Queensland Tennis Centre".

What is the literature of tennis?

Tennis is popular among the people for thousands of years in some form or other. Initially the ball was hit with the hand. Tennis was developed in Europe and then became popular in other parts of the world. In 18th century it was called 'jeu de paumme'. Later on the name was changed to royal or 'real tennis'.

What is the name of prince of tennis anime?

It's usually called The Prince of Tennis, but in Japanese it's referred to as Tennis no Oji Sama or TeniPuri.

What was the name of the program that William Higinbotham called?

tennis for two

What is a other name for ping pong?

table tennis

What is theFirst name of table tennis excepts for pingpong?

Table tennis has been called ... Whiff Whaff Gossima Ping Pong The official name is table tennis. The name Ping Pong is now a USA trademark.

Why is the word tennis called Tennis and not nines?

A board of ten people met in Wisconsin in 1928 and invented the sport. When they could not agree on a name, one suggested Ten's. Over the years, in order to make the name less complicated, it has evolved to be called tennis.

What is the name of the tennis player who has a clothing line?

Venus Williams its called Eleven

What is the name of elbow strap for tennis elbow?

This strap is called a counterforce brace.

What is the name of the video game that is like pong?

It's called virtual tennis

What is the birth name of Paul Tennis?

Paul Tennis's birth name is Paul Joseph Tennis.

With which other name is the game of table tennis is also known as?

ping pong