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2 strokes are very reliable but you do have to do maintenance on them. I rode 2 strokes only up through 2000. I bought my first 4 stroke and had mixed feelings about it (had a lot of problems with it but loved it when it was running). I currently have both a 2 and 4 stroke that I ride regularly.

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EPA, 4 strokes are easier to ride because of engine breaking, and manufactures

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I had a stroke five years ago.

Went back to work three weeks later. Stocking shelves in a supermarket.Work 40 hours a week sometimes for you Work 40 hours a week sometimes (48) Ran the Boston Marathon Twice since then.

Not running this year because of the virus

I feel better than I did in my 30s I am 75 years old have no intention of retireing. Sorry I meant 77.

I am feeling good...... thank you God : Ed.Davis BostonMassachusetts

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Q: Is 2 stroke motocross bikes going to stay going?
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