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well it is considered a relatively high handicap in Golf, this means the individual would likely average around 93 for all his rounds of golf. one must include slope and rating of the course when calculating a handicap, all handicap calculating programs calculate slope and rating for you. please keep in mind this came from a scratch handicap (0) and that the average golfer shoots 106 in his average round so think of it as your already better than average!!!!

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Q: Is 21 considered a low or high handicap in golf?
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What is the average handicap for a 14-year-old?

The average handicap is probably around 23. There will be players who shoot over 100 consistently but are not that serious about golf. Then there are others who play a lot who get into the low 80's. With that said, shooting about a 95 is a good average handicap.

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The COG of a golf club is the centre of gravity. The clubs are designed to have a low COG to get the ball airborne. For high handicap clubs, there is a lot of weight to the club, drawing the COG to make sure the ball gets up easier, and also makes the clubs very forgiving.

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im 15 years old and im a 11 handicap im shooting low to mid 80's everyround

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There is no rule saying how high or low the loft of any club can be. Someone at my golf school has an 11 degree driver since he cannot hit the ball very high.

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It favors low handicappers because of the premium points given for birdies and eagles. low handicappers get more of these than high handicappers.

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