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Yes, this is old enough. Lifting will not stunt your growth as the myth grows. Just make sure you do it correctly, and get supervision at first.

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Q: Is 15 years old suitable to lift weights in gym?
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What is a pumpatorium?

A pumpatorium is a gym where you lift weights.

How do we take care of our muscles?

lift weights in the gym.

How should should a twelve year old boy lift weights?

well just do what u normally do in gym. Dont have to lift weights why bother.?:)

Do gymnast lift weights?

I am a girl gymnast and we do not lift weights we use ankle weights and do like leg lifts rope climbs etc with them on cause in order to be better we need to get stronger But yes in deed at my gym the male gymnasts lift weights cause they need to be (well girls need to be strong to) but male gymnasts need to be stronger And occasionally girl gymnasts do lift weights and male gymnasts use ankle weights Usually you only start (its different at each gym) using ankle weights when you are on team or the compulsory levels. and start lifting weights in the optional levels

Does Nathan kress lift weights?

I think he does because on his Twitter he has said he has been to the gym

Does Kate Gosselin lift weights?

Yes she goes to the gym at least twice a week.

Im 16 years old 5'9 and 207lbs and i want to get ripped by lifting weights what should i do at the gym?

bench press and lift weights and start with 25 or 50 ones then work your way up and 4 sets of 25 pushups a day

How can you get a body like a wrestler?

you should work out a weight train. try to go to the gym and lift weights. but don't lift too heavy of weights unless you're sure you can or you have a spotter. you don't want to hurt yourself.

How many pounds should a 14 year old be able to lift?

Depends on how strong they are or how much they are capable of lifting. Some even lift weights in the gym, but it depends.

What makes muscles big?

Lifting weights and taking steroids. Your muscles need protein and weight training. Lift weights at the gym and right after you are done working out drink a protein shake.

Where can you go to do weight lifting?

There are many places you can go to do weight lifting. Your local gym, if you don't have the money to spend for a membership you can find a bench with weights for under fifty dollars on craigslist, so you could lift weights at your home.

How do you get your muscles bigger?

go running, do many sports that make you work hard, go to the gym, have a healthy diet. Lift weights, but don't go overboard as weights that are really heavy may stunt your growth if you're still growing.

Does danzig lift weights?

Definately, he even said he goes to the gym all the time in an interview. Either that or punches the living s**t out of a T-Rex every hour.

What types of gym fitness equipment are there?

There are many different types of gym equipment, there is free weights, machine weights, bikes, treadmills, elliptical, rowers, there is gym equipment for anything u want to do.

What machines in the gym can kids use?

it probably depends on your gym. at my gym, you can use anything except free weights, like bench press. You can use treadmills, stairclimbers, anything that uses weights that you do not touch.

Does City Fitness carry a good selection of weights?

City Fitness is a gym. The gym has quite a variety of different types of weights to use when you are doing your workout. You need to join the gym though. It would probably be better to find a sport store in your neighborhood that carries weights.

Does the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym come with free weights in a package set?

The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym does not come with free weights it is a resistance training system.

Is gym suitable for old person?

Yes, a gym is very suitable for an older person. The more exercise an older person gets the better.

How can you get 2 times stronger?

Well work out lift weights is really all that can be done, unless you put your trust into protein shakes. But you need to bench over your max curl more. Got to the gym regularly.

Name something a man might do at the gym to impress a woman?

Family Feud 1) Lift Weights 2) Flex 3) Take off shirt

What is the warranty time on a Lifecore Free Weights Home Gym?

Lifecore Free weights come with a lifetime warranty.

Do any weights come with the Gold's Gym Pro Series BG2000 Weight Bench?

No, you will have to purchase weights on their own.

Why is there a 45 pound weight in a gym?

Instead of adding a 25 pound weight, and then 2 ten pound weights, it would be much easier to add a 45 pound weight. A 45 pound weight is standard in every gym, and not everyone can lift 10 more pounds if there was a fifty pound weight (five extra pounds on each side totals to 10 more pounds to lift).

What is pumping iron?

This is a slang expression that refers to body-building: it is speaking about doing exercises (called a "work-out") to build up your muscles, by lifting weights at the gym. If you have ever seen body-builders working out at the gym, they lift heavy barbells and other weighted objects, which eventually gives them bigger muscles.

What are the recommended home gym equipments?

The recommended home gym equipments are dumbbells, treadmills, bikes, and other weights.