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Q: Is 13.1 a good time for the 100M in 8Th grader?
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Is 131 good for a ten year old?

This question needs more details! What is meant by 131?

What was the longest time on a swing?

131 hours

Is an IQ of 131 good?

Yes, it is above average

How good is 131 score on IQ test for 41 year old?


Is 131 a good score good for 13 year old boy?


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Average IQ is between 80 and 120. If you achieved a score of 131, you have above average intelligence - which is good whether you are 17 or 71.

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What properties of iodine-131 make it a good choice as a tracer element?


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131 = 13,100%

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1 x 131, 131 x 1.

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Yes, that is very good and a good bit above the average. Anything between about from 90 to 110 is average.

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131% = 131/100 in fraction