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It all depends on hand size and comfortability. If that's the size you need than get it, generally an infielder needs a smaller glove so he can make the transfer to his throwing hand quickly and smoothly, so if you need a 12 inch glove, than no it's not to big.

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Q: Is 12 inch to big for high school baseball shortstop?
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What is the average throwing distance for a high school boys baseball throw?

1 inch

What is the size limit high school firstbaseman's mitt?

There is no size limit to the first baseman or catcher mitt in high school baseball. The size limit of a high school outfielder's mitt shall be no larger than 14-inches in height, 8-inch width at palm, and 53/.4-inch webbing.

What is the size of a high school softball?

12 inch

What size softball for high school?

12 inch

What size baseball glove is right for a high school outfielder?

For Middle school and up, all the way to the major league you should use a 12. 75 inch glove.

What is the average height of a professional shortstop baseball player?

I'd say about six feet and 1 inch. the smallest player in mlb is 5 foot 9 and up so ya

What size softball is used in High school fast pitch softball?

12 inch

What is the curcumference of a high school basketball?

Official Men's size 29.5 inch circumference. Official Women's size 28.5 inch circumference.

What is the maximum legal size of the high school football cleat allowed?

,3/4 inch

Can you use a 2 inch kicking tee for field goal in high school?

no i am a kicker in high school and we are only allowed a 1" kicking tee where i play. we could only have 2" in elementary and middle school

Can high school football kickers use a 3 inch tee for kickoffs?

No, 2 inches is the max.

What is the net height of high school volleyball?

The height of a net is 7ft. 4 and one-eighth of an inch for girls and 7ft 11 and five-eighth of an inch for boys.

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