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yes that is very good, you never know you could really achieve something with a time like that!

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โˆ™ 2012-08-14 16:39:33
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Q: Is 12.49 to do a 100m sprint good for 15 year old girl?
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What is the average 100m sprint time for a 13 year old girl?

14-15seconds but if you're good at it in the 13 seconds mark.

What is a good time for an average 10 year old girl in the 100m sprint?

An average time? I would say about 18 seconds.

What is a good time for the 100m sprint at 10 years old?

15 seconds would probably be good for a 10 year old, or maybe in the 14s.

Is 15.04 on 100m good for a girl aged 14?

That's a fair time.

What is the equipment for the 100m sprint?

YOU NEED YOUR LEGS AND RUNNING SNEAKERS YOU NEED A STARTING PEG WITH A GOOD GRIP Why do people wear trainers for the 100 metre sprint? Is this what u mean?

What is a good 100m dash time for a 14 yr old girl?

13 - 13.5 seconds

What is a good time for an average 13 yr old girl to run 100m?


What is expected time for an 8 year old 100m sprint?

For an 8 year old the 100m is not a sprint; it is an endurance event. Any child, male or female, who can out run their fellow children aged 8 will most likely become a very good middle distance runner when older. Basically, sprint times run at this age are meaningless. Taking part and trying to win is all that matters to kids of this age.

How do you sprint 100m?

have a good sprint start out of the blocks, and keep yourself low, just like the professionals. Then reach your maximum speed and run as fast as you can. And dont forget to dip over the line, as it is your chest crossing the line that gets timed.

What are good high school sprint times?

boys 100m: under 11.8 boys 200m: under 24.5 seconds girls 100m: under 13 sec girls 200m under 27 sec. These are not outstanding times but are average to above average

What is the average time for a 11 year old girl in 100m?

I do 14:89 but 15 or 16 seconds is also good

What is a good time for a 10 year old to run 100 meters?

i would say a good 100m time for a 10 year old boy is around 16-17secs. I am an 11 year old girl and ran the 100m in 15.9 secs.

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