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Is Manny Pacquiao a Pure Filipino or a half Spaniard?

There are some published researches by some Filipino historians and some descendants of Philippine royal families that imply that the surname Pacquiao may have come from the native word “pakyaw” which means buying in bulk. History would say Governor General Claveria ordered Filipinos to convert to Spanish surnames but they allowed the native royal houses like Capulong, Dula, Salamat, Salonga, Poloin, etc to maintain their surnames. Those natives that have maintained their names are therefore the lineage of native royal houses or maybe loyal to their native kings or were ranking officers of the native kingdoms. For instance, the surname Gatbonton came from an ancestor in charge of the rice granary of the Kingdom of Tondo. Sumulong is the surname given to a royal relative who settled in Antipolo. Magsaysay was the name of the historian of the Kingdom. Macapagal is given to a very industrious relative of the ruling family. Acuna or Akonya is the name of a noble who loves to assume responsibilities. Gathalian is the noble or a Gat from Lian. Pangilinan is a noble warrior who was given more arms to lead the attack. Agbayani may have come from the lineage of a war hero. Pakyaw may have been the name of a travelling noble businessman who buys goods in the Kingdom of Tondo and brings them to nearby settlements. As to why the present direct descendants of the Philippine royal houses are more mistizo or chinito looking than the average Filipinos can be explained by the fact that they have been the target of marriages by the ruling Spanish families and wealthy Chinese merchants through the passage of time. Remember, the Spanish government properly identified them as the Principalias, so they are marked. Based on the history of Martin de Goiti, his female relative was betrothed to the Batang Dula, the eldest and heir apparent of Lakan Dula to have a peaceful co-existence between the Spaniards and the natives in the Kingdom of Tondo. The Dula bloodline would later be married to a noble Mendoza family from Spain, and even at present, a lot of the descendants of Lakan Dula are married to families of wealthy Chinese merchants like Uy, Ong, Cui, etc. Some present descendants of native royalty tried to reverse this alarming trend by having their children married to children from fellow principalia families. Example of this is the marriage of a Dulay lady to a guy from Alcazar principalia family of Argao Cebu, a Dulay guy and a Mallellin lady, from a principalia family from the north, are now into a relationship. There are clamor that these descendants of native royal houses be properly guided by the society so they can champion patriotism and love for Filipino culture and tradition and serve as the conscience, identity and unifying forces of the Philippine society -- now being fragmented by political clans and influence of foreign powers.

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Q: Is Manny Pacquiao a Pure Filipino or a half Spaniard?
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