Irish rugby union players 1960

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In 1950, the Mayo team in the All-Ireland final was:

1 Billy Durkin

2 John Forde

3 Paddy Prendergast

4 Seán Flanagan (captain)

5 Peter Quinn

6 Henry Dixon

7 John McAndrew

8 Padraig Carney

9 Éamonn Mongey

10 Mick Flanagan

11 Billy Kenny

12 Joe Gilvarry

13 Mick Mulderrig

14 Tom Langan

15 Peter Solan

Sub used: Seán Wynne for Billy Durkin, Mick Caufield for Billy Kenny and Seán Mulderrig for Mick Caulfield.

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The team of that time are difficult to uncover without going directly to the IRFU however, here are some.

Dr Jack Kyle Bertie O'Hanlon, Jimmy Nelson, Karl Mullen, Michael O'Flanagan, Jim McCarthy, Paddy Reid and Colm Callan. It was this team that won the Grand Slam for Ireland in 1948. I'm sure if others come across names of the remaining squad they will add here.

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Tom Kiernan Will Aitken

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Q: Irish rugby union players 1960
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