Irish cup final 1997

Updated: 9/14/2023
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That's not really a question is it?

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Q: Irish cup final 1997
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Who won the fa cup final in 1997?


How many Irish players have scored in a Football World Cup final?


Who won the Irish football cup final on 1977?

If you are referring to Irish soccer, then it was Dundalk. If you are referring to Gaelic Football, then in was Dublin.

What football club won the FA cup in 1997?

Chelsea won the FA Cup in 1997, beating Middlesbrough in the final 2-0.

Who did coleraine win against in 2008 to play linfield in the Irish cup final?

Donegal Celtic

Who did Chelsea beat in the 1997 fa cup final?

Middlesbrough, 2-0.

Who managed the Irish team which played in 2002 world cup final?

I think it was Nick McCarthy, now at Wolves.

Who won the heineken cup in 2008?

The winners of the 2008 European Heineken Cup were Irish team, Munster. Beating Toulouse in the final in Cardiff

When was Irish Cup created?

Irish Cup was created in 1880.

Who scored the quick goal in the fa cup final?

Roberto Di Matteo in the 1997 final. He scored it in less than 45 seconds.

Who won the Scottish cup in 1997?

Kilmarnock FC won the 1997 Scottish Cup. They beat Falkirk FC in the final held at Ibrox Stadium with Paul Wright scoring the winning goal.

When was Irish Women's Cup created?

Irish Women's Cup was created in 2005.