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November 14, 1992 in Ames: Iowa State 19, Nebraska 10.

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Q: Iowa State versus Nebraska football score 1992?
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Who won the first Iowa versus Iowa State football game?

Iowa State won by the score of 16-8 on October 1, 1894 in Iowa City.

What was the score of the Colorado and Nebraska football game in 2007?

Buffaloes 65. Cornhuskers 51.

What was the final score between Oklahoma and Nebraska college football game on Saturday December 5th 2010?

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When was the last time Nebraska beat Texas tech in football?

November 11, 2006 in College Station by the score of 28-27. That may have been the last time that Nebraska beat Texas A&M in football; however, the last time Nebraska beat Texas Tech was 20th October 2001 in Lincoln by a score of 41-31.

When was the last time before that K-State beat Nebraska in football before 1998.?

Prior to 1998, the previous time Kansas State defeated Nebraska was November 9, 1968 in Lincoln by the score of 12-0.

What was the football score between Portland State and Delaware State in 1980?

It was 105-0.

What was the final score of the November 5 BYU vs Colorado State college football game?

The score of the game was BYU 24, Colorado State 3.

What is Ohio state football highest score?

128 was Ohio State's highest single game score.

Highest college baseball score?

In division 1 baseball, Nebraska beat Chicago State 50-3 in 1999

Who is Ashley Martin?

She is an American who was the first to play and score in a NCAA football game, and the first woman to play and score in a Division I football game. She did this at Jacksonville State University on August 30th, 2001.

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Oklahoma 31, Ohio State 16

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