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Q: Interests and abilities needed to become a pro soccer player?
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What abilities needed for a soccer player?

Legs.~submitted by Chia Khang

What kind of persional qualities and abilities do you need to have to become a softball player?

you need to be able to catch and throw.

What subjects are needed to become a soccer player?

2 legs well coordinated to the player's brain

What is needed from a college baseball player to become a professional baseball player?

good scholarship and be great a baseball

Is a high school diploma needed to become a professional basketball player?

Probably not

What education would be needed to become a professional baseball player?

High school

How long will it take to become a baseball player?

it takes as long as needed to become that dedicated and ready for that much of hard work

What classes are required to become a football player?

Every high school and college have their own rules and regulations regarding requirements with classes to play football. There are not usually specific classes needed to become a football player. However, there usually is a standard grade point average needed to stay a football player.

What education is needed to become a professional volleyball player?

first of all you want to become a pro volley ball player, you must be willing to sacriface alot and dedicate yourself to the sport.

What education is needed to become a professional softball player?

None. You just have to be exceptionally good at the sport.

What are the most important skills and abilities needed to participate in badminton?

An important skill needed to participate in badminton is hand-eye coordination which allows a player to use their racquet to precisely hit the birdie. Another important skill is agility. Agility helps a player move quickly about the court. The ability to be a team player is important when playing doubles.

How many years would it take me to become an excellent guitar player?

A good guitar player only hones his abilities throughout life. With constant use, perhaps five years is a good time frame.

Degree you need to play basketball?

No degree is needed to play basketball or become a professional basketball player.

What skills are needed to become a professional soccer player?

To become a pro soccer player you need experience and skills. For example i'v been playing since i was six. But what you really need is experience and skills to become a pro soccer player and a Diploma.

What training is needed to become a pro football player?

You would need to go to football camp or something like that.

What level of education is needed to become a soccer player?

in school education, nothing! ( who knows what you'll need to be in the MLS.)

What training is needed to become a pro basketball player?

intense trainnig everyday has to be in shape if you under 6ft you have to be a very very good player. also if you over

What is the best saints row 2 cheats?

The player abilities!

What do you have to do to be a footballer?

A footballer is a professional soccer player. To become a professional sports player, you need some athletic ability. Training and hard work to develop this ability is needed.

What skills talents or personal traits are needed to become a basketball player?

To become a basketball player you would want to have a love for the game. You would need to be able to work well with others. Of course you would need to be good as well.

What education is needed to become a pro soccer player?

None... unless you count how to kick a ball as a subjust matter for schooling ...

What must be added to a turntable to make it into a record player?

what is basically needed for a turntable to become a record player is speakers and amplification or you could just move into the 21st century and buy an ipod.

What abilities does a soccer player need?

Ball control,Quikness,and ability to score

Can you create a player in all pro football 2K8?

Yes, you get to give him 3 abilities if gold 2 if silver and 1 if bronze, of course as always there is an exception. If you get every achievement in the game you can make a gold player with 5 abilities.

What grades do you need to become a foootball player?

to become a football player you will need to have straight A's to become aq football player

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