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The player that replaces him

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Q: Injured player cannot shoot free throws who does?
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An injured player cannot shoot his own free throws in high school who shoots his free throws?

His teammate.

Can injured players shoot free throws?

If you are able to, you can. If you cannot shoot your free throws, someone else may shoot them for you, but you may not enter in that game again. Oftentimes the player will shoot the free throws and then be substituted out.

Can a disqualified player shoot awarded free throws?

No, they cannot shoot free throws. Once a player is disqualified, they cannot return to the game. The team must select another player to shoot for the disqualified one.

If the wrong player shoots free throws can they be disallowed and the proper player brought to the line after both free throws are made?

If the refs make that big a mistake, then they shouldn't be reffing. That usually NEVER happens in a game. If it does, however, the proper player MUST shoot both free throws (the only time that another player who wasn't fouled can shoot is if the player fouled is injured).

Can player on the bench come in to shoot technical free throws?


Is it legal for a basketball player to shoot free throws underhand?


Do you shoot free throws on player control fouls in high school basketball?


Can a player come off the bench to shoot technical foul shots?

Yes, but only in a very specialized instance. Only when a double technical is called and it is the second technical foul for one of the offenders. In this case, the player with the second technical foul is ejected and both teams will shoot free throws, which is not normally the case with double technical fouls. The team without an ejected player may choose their own shooter, however, the other team can select any player on the opposing team to shoot in the place of the ejected player. This is effectively the only time a player will come off the bench to shoot free throws. The only other instance this is a possibility is when a player is injured and must leave the floor prior to technical free throws being taken.

Can you shoot Xanax?

No!! You cannot shoot xanax!!

Do you shoot free throws after a team control foul?

2 throws plus ball position

How many fowls are committed before you shoot 2 free throws?

On the 10th foul the team goes into double bonus and gets to shoot two free throws

How can a man shoot a duck but is neither injured or dead?

with a camera

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

How do you shoot free throws on NBA2k for the Wii?


Can a sub enter the game to shoot technical free throws?


What happens after an offsides in soccer?

An indirect free kick is awarded to the other team. Indirect meaning that they cannot shoot at goal. things you should note:player cannot be offside if in his or her own half,cannot be offside if he or she receives the ball directly eg from a corner, offside free kick not awarded if player is not affecting play, e.g lying injured

Does the opponent get to shoot free throws after a technical foul?

Yes, they do. They also get possession of the ball after the free throws, from the sideline.

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Do porcupines shoot their quills?

No, porcupines cannot shoot their quills.

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A chance to shoot after being fouled in basketball is called?

Free Throws

How many free throws does Lebron shoot on average each game?

he shoots about 10.5 free throws per game

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