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pitcher - P

Catcher - C

1st base - 1B

2nd Base - 2B

3rd Base - 3B

Shortstop - SS

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Q: Infielder position in baseball abbrivated
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What position did Lorenzo piper Davis play in baseball?

He was an infielder who mostly played first and second base but he also played some shortstop

What position did Jeff Kent play?

second base

What does CI mean in baseball?

Corner Infielder

Are the chances of a short person making it to the major leagues better as a catcher or an infielder?

infielder there are more on the field and catcher is the hardest position to play

What does the baseball stat CI mean?

Corner infielder

Can you hurdle infielder in baseball to avoid tag?


Who is Josh Rodriguez?

A New York Mets baseball infielder.

When was Joe Burns - infielder - born?

Joe Burns - infielder - was born in 1916.

When did Joe Burns - infielder - die?

Joe Burns - infielder - died in 1974.

When was John Murphy - infielder - born?

John Murphy - infielder - was born in 1879.

Chicago Cubs players that wore Number 33?

Only a few Giants baseball players have worn the No. 13 in San Francisco. Among those who apparently weren't superstitious:Mark Davis, catcher (1983-87).Ernie Camacho, pitcher (1989-90).J.R. Phillips, infielder (1994-95).Charlie Hayes, infielder (1998-99).Edwards Guzman, catcher/infielder (2001).Edgardo Alfonzo, infielder (2003-2004).Omar Vizquel, infielder (2005-2008).Jesus Guzman, infielder (2009).Andres Torres, outfielder (2010).Cody Ross, outfielder (2010-2011).Joaquin Árias, infielder (2012-2015).Mike Leake, pitcher (2015).Ehire Adrianza, infielder-outfielder (2016).Will Smith, pitcher (2016-present).

What position in Baseball should i play I'm a utility guy that is about to turn 16 and i need a position to focus on and become a college and beyond player I am 5'5 and 150lbs. i hit around 325?

Your best bet would to probably be a 2nd basemen. Because of your height and weight, you should start training as a second basemen (middle infielder).