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Q: Indiana Mens Basketball has 5 National Championships How many of those were won with Bob Knight as coach?
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Ncaa division 1 all time basketball wins by coach?

bob knight-902 wins!, 3 national championships

Who are the college basketball teams that went undefeated including the national championship game?

Indiana Hoosiers 1976 - Bobby Knight was the coach

Who was the Indiana's mens basketball coach in 1975?

Bob Knight

How many ncaa basketball tournament championships has bobby knight won?


Who was coach of Indiana basketball before bobby knight?

Lou Watson

Who was the IU basketball coach in 1987?

Booby Knight was the coach of the 1987 Indiana University men's basketball team.

Who won ncaa men's basketball championship as a player and as a coach?

John Wooden (Purdue and UCLA-10 times), Dean Smith (Kansas and UNC-3 times) and Bob Knight (Ohio St and Indiana-2 times) won championships as players and coaches. Adolph Rupp's Kansas team was "voted" National Champ and Kentucky won Championships 4 times.

How many championships did bobby knight win?

Coach Knight has three championships.

WHo is IU's All Time Winningest Basketball Coach?

Bobby Knight is Indiana University's all time winningest men's basketball coach.

Does Bob Knight's three national championships make him the coach with the second most national D-I titles after John Wooden?

No. Adolph Rupp of Kentucky is second to Wooden with 4 championships (1948, 1949, 1951, 1958). Knight and Mike Krzyzewski of Duke are third with 3 each.

Which NCAA Division 1 men's basketball team was the last to go undefeated during the regular season and go on to win the national championship?

Indiana University in 1976 under Bobby Knight. 32-0

Who was the basketball coach at Indiana University during 1975-1976?

That was Bob Knight who coached the team between 1971-2000.

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