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India have competed at 22 Summer Olympic Games to date winning a total of 20 medals, they have also competed at 7 Winter Olympics without yet winning a medal.

The 22 medalists have been:

# Norman Pritchard - silver - men's 200m - 1900 Paris # Norman Pritchard - silver - men's 200m hurdles - 1900 Paris # Indian National Team - gold - mens Field Hockey - 1928 Amsterdam # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1932 Los Angeles

# Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1936 Berlin # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1948 London

# Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1952 Helsinki

# Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav - bronze - wrestling - 1952 Helsinki # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1956 Melbourne

# Indian National Team - silver- mens field hockey - 1960 Rome

# Indian National Team - gold- mens field hockey - 1964 Tokyo

# Indian National Team - bronze - mens field hockey - 1968 Mexico

# Indian National Team - bronze - mens field hockey - 1972 Munich # Indian National Team - gold - mens field hockey - 1980 Moscow

# Leander Paes - bronze - Mens singles tennis - 1996 Atlanta # Karnam Malleswari - bronze - womens Weightlifting - 2000 Sydney # Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore - silver - mens shooting - 2004 Athens # Abhinav Bindra - gold - mean air rifle shooting - 2008 Beijing # Sushil Kumar - bronze - wrestling - 2008 Beijing # Vijender Kumar - bronze Mens boxing - 2008 Beijing

The first two medals are crediited to India by the IOC whereas the International committees credit the medals to Great Britain

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Q: Indian medal winners at the Olympics till date?
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