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The first time a red and yellow card were used was in the 1970 world cup in Mexico.

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Q: In which year were red and yellow cards first used in the English leagues?
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When were red and yellow cards first used in soccer?

in the 1970's

How many yellow cards have arsenal had?

Arsenal have very few yellow cards, the one shown to Thomas vermalean came after 69 games almost the first in two seasons.

What year were yellow cards first used in the World Cup finals?

1970 FIFA World Cup.

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The first red card was shown by referee Ken Aston, who invented the yellow and red cards.

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What year did Red and yellow cards get used?

The first major use for the red and yellow cards was in the 1970 FIFA World Cup. British referee Ken Aston came up with the language-neutral cards for cautions and dismissals.

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