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Q: In which year was Manchester United football club formed?
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When was Newton Heath Football Club formed?

Newton Heath, later to become Manchester United, was formed in 1878.

Which football club is the best at history?

Manchester United Football Club

When was Manchester united established?

1878Manchester United FC were formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway)Manchester United was originally known as Newton Heath football club. They were founded in 1878.The club Changed its name to Manchester United Football club on the 26th of April 1902. They got bought out by J.H Davis who was managing director of Manchester Breweries. He decided to change the club's name to Manchester United Football Club.

Which is the most popular football club in Europe?

Manchester United Manchester United

What sport is Manchester United famous for?

Manchester United is an English football club.

What is the most popular football club in world?

Manchester united

What is the most popular football club in Manchester?

Manchester United.

Most popular football club in the world?

The current best football club in the world of 2008 is Manchester United

In what year was Manchester United FC foubded?

The team now known as Manchester United was first formed in 1878 under the name "Newton Heath Football Club". In 1902 the club was bought out by Manchester Breweries and the name was changed to Machester United.

Which club is most popular football club?

Manchester United

Which football club won the football league in 2000?

manchester united won the league in 2000

When was Manchester united club formed?