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In 2002

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Q: In which year sachin tendulkar got Ferrari?
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What is Sachin Tendulkar history?

i have got a 10 hiddent facts about sachin tendulkar .just check this link. it will give a better idea about sachin life.

When sachin tendulkar got 200?

on 24th of February, 2010.

Which player got orange cap for scoring higHest runS in ipl?

The gr8 Sachin Tendulkar for the year 2010

Who is the first cricketer to score 2000 in world cup?

sachin tendulkar (India) is the first Indian cricket player got 200 in ODI

What is sachin tendulkar middle name?

Sachin Tendulkar has got so many nicknames... People say if Cricket is our Religion then Sachin is our God. Check out the nickn names for Sachin: Master-Blaster Little Master Tondulkar Tendlya God of Cricket Sten The Grandpa of Indian Team Bradman of modern era

Has sachin tendulkar got 400 runs in a test match?

no he hasen't

Which cricketer got bowled maximum time in odi?

Sachin tendulkar

Which Indian cricketer got the honor of padma vibhushan?

Sachin Tendulkar

Which cricket player has got maximum man of the match in oneday?

sachin tendulkar

Which player have got more than 20000 runs in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who has got Sachin tendulkar out maximum number of times in test?

chaminda vass

How many centuries sachin tendulkar has hit?

Sachin is my favorite. he got 49 odi centuries.