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Q: In which year did Real Madrid complete the season without any loss?
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What season did Beckham leave Real Madrid?

I think david Bexckham left Real Madrid 1n 2007.

How many trophies real Madrid won in the last 5 football season?

Real madrid has 3446 trophies, Way more then Barsa

Will frank ribery play for real Madrid?

It is quite possible that he may play for Real Madrid, but Barcelona also want him next season.

How many hatricks has Cristiano Ronaldo scored with Real Madrid this season?

4 in 2011-2012 and 12 since he joined real madrid

HoW many goals did Real Madrid allowed this season?


What is real Madrid longest unbeaten run?

The whole season

How many goals have real Madrid scored this season?


What Will Real Madrid's Line Up Be Next Season?

Next year there will be many changes at Real Madrid, even their darling Raul may be shown the door.

What was the Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Real Madrid?

The Attendances of all regular home league matches over the 2012-13 season for Real Madrid was 68,796.

When did Real Madrid CF last win the UEFA Champions League?

Last time Real Madrid won the Champions League was in the 2013-2014 season beating Atletico Madrid by a score of 4-1

How many seasons has Iker Casilas played for Real Madrid CF?

He started playing with the Real Madrid Youth team in 1990 until 1998 when he was called up for the Real Madrid Senior C team. After some decent performances he was moved into the B team for four games then after impressing in his performances he came into the Real Madrid main team in the 1999-2000 season and played every season since getting 463 caps.

What are real Madrid like without ronaldo?


What about Raul debut in Real Madrid?

Raul made his debut for the Real Madrid senior side against Real Zaragoza in the 1994 season. He replaced the legendary Butrageno and impressed with an assist to Ivan Zamorano. He was at that time the youngest player ever to have donned the Real Madrid colours in La Liga

Is it true it is Cristiano Ronaldo last season with real Madrid?

No he is under contract

Which soccer team has scored the most goals in one season?

Real Madrid

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored this season for Real Madrid?


Who scored the most goals in one season for real Madrid?

cristiano ronaldo

Who played for leeds united on loan from real Madrid?

Bravo joined Leeds United on loan from Real Madrid for the remainder of the season as the transfer window slammed shut in January 2003.

When did Cristiano ronaldo started playing for the real Madrid?

In the summer transfer period of 2009, Christiano ronaldo changed from Manchester united to real Madrid for a record transfer fee of 92 million eureos. Therefore he started playing for real Madrid in the current season (2009/2010)

Do Barcelona and Real Madrid play agaisnt each other until the end of the season?


How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score last season for real madrid?


How many hatricks has Cristiano ronaldo scored for real Madrid in this season?

tree hatricks

Who are the new signings of Real Madrid for this season?

Altintop,Nuri Sahin,Jose Callejon

When did Barcelona score 5-0 against Real Madrid?

last season laliga

Which club won last season's Spanish League?

The winner of last season's Spanish League of Football was Real Madrid. The runner up was Barcelona and coming in third place was Valencia. Real Madrid and Barcelona have been the main contenders for the past few years.