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Q: In which year did Maria Sharapova win the Wimbledon for the first time?
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Wimbledon female singles champs who is a three-time champ first name Maria?

Maria Bueno. She one in 1959, 1960 & 1964.

List of all time highest earning female tennis players?

Maria Sharapova

How many times has Maria Sharapova won the French Open?

Maria Sharapova has one the French Open one time. Sharapova won the 2012 French Open in Women's Single on June 9, 2012. She defeated Sara Errani from Italy, 6-3, 6-2.

What is Maria Sharapova favorite thing to do?

Aside tennis, Maria likes to design in her spare time, promote her candy line sugarpova as well as relax on the beach.

Who was the oldest first time winner of Wimbledon?

Spencer Gore was the first winner of Wimbledon in 1877.

When were yellow tennis balls used for the first time at Wimbledon?

Tennis balls were first used in 1902 in Wimbledon

How many times has Rafael Nadal played at Wimbledon?

As of the 2010 Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal has played in 9 Wimbledon Men's Singles tournaments. His first time came back in 2002.

How old was Tracy Austin when she became the youngest tennis player ever at Wimbledon?

She was 16 years old, when played first time for the Wimbledon in 1979.

Does the Centre Court at Wimbledon have a retractable dome?

Yes. It was used for the first time in 2009.

Would you please showthe time-line of Maria Bueno?

Maria Bueno - 1939 - Born 1958 - First played international tennis 1959 - Won Wimbledon Ladies Singles title 1959 and 1960 - Ranked #1 in the world 1978 - Inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame Click on the 'Maria Bueno' link below to learn more about her.

Why are Wimbledon uniforms white?

Because they are traditionally followed for a long time, Since the Wimbledon was started

What male tennis player was runner up at the Wimbledon title in 2008?

it was federer, first time in a couple of years

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