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Australia's first Rugby World Cup tournament victory came in 1991, defeating co-hosts England in the final.

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Q: In which year did Australia win the Rugby World Cup for the first time?
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When was the last time Australia won the rugby world cup?

they won last in 1999

Who started the rugby world cup?

i dont know but i know new zealand won it the first time. And South Africa and Australia Have both won it twice

Which team won the rugby world cup in Australia in 2003?

England. They beat Australia in the final via an extra time Jonny Wilkinson drop goal

Where was the rugby world cup held last time?

Australia - League Code in 2008. France - Union Code in 2007

Which country has won the Rugby world cup the most time?

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have all won it twice.

When was the last time Australia played Ireland in rugby?

The last time Australia played against Ireland in rugby was in the Rugby World Cup 2011 hosted by New Zealand. The match was played on 17. September and the venue was Eden Park i Auckland. Ireland won the match 15-6.

Who won the 1954 rugby World Cup?

there wasn't a rugby world cup at that time it started at 1987.

What time does the first world stock market open?

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When did Italy play in the Rugby World Cup for the first time?

Italy played in the Rugby World Cup for the first time in 1987 - winning one match and losing two, the same as two other teams in their group, but having an inferior points difference to either, finishing in last place.

How popular is the Rubgy World magazine?

Rugby World magazine is a magazine that explores the sport of rugby. The magazine is the top selling rugby magazine in the world at this time. They publish this magazine monthly.

When was the first time Australia qualified for the football world cup?

1974 in Germany