In which sports is gold a score?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Archery the gold is the bullseye in archery

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Q: In which sports is gold a score?
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What score do you have to get on Wii Sports to get a gold medal?

900 and up

When was Score sports created?

Score sports was created in 1975.

What is no score in American sports?

No score

Which sports do Sky Sports report scores on?

Sky sports reports live score centres for football, cricket, golf, rugby and F1 on Sky sports. One can create a custom score page and can track his favourite teams.

What is the best sports trainer?

the best sports is football basketball score

Where can I find the score of final sports?

There are several outlets to find the score of final sports including watching the news and going to the sports section of the newspaper. The best way is to go to ESPN's website or channel because they are dedicated to solely sports.

What team Sports low score win?


What is a shut out?

In sports, when the losing team finishes with no score.

What is the French word for score?

Score is used in French (un score, - masc.) to indicate the mark in sports. Score (meaning 20) is translated 'vingtaine' (fem.)

How do you spell score in french?

a score in sports (like football) : le score (masc.)to score a goal: marquer un buta score (group of twenty): une vingtaine

Did the egyptians play any sports?

yeah they played score

What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.