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Q: In which sports can you be penalised for traveling?
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In what game do you get penalised for traveling?

basketball and...

In which sport can you be penalised for traveling?


How does homework effect sports?

it takes away from freetime and you could be on a traveling team

Did the ancient city of timbuktu have many sports arenas?

very few sports arenas, they would usually be traveling in camel caravans.

What can you be penalized for in badminton?

In badminton you can be penalised on the serve. When serving you can be penalised for not having both feet on the ground, having a foot on the line having the racquet above waist height and double swinging. Hope i helped. :)

Are you able to take the penalty pass on either side of the penalised player in a game of netball?

Yes, usually un-less the umpire is picky, you can take the penaly pass on either side of the penalised player,

What is drag in terms of sports?

Drag is basically resistance, anything that causes the wind to exert an force in the opposing direction in which the person, or in some sports things are traveling.

Can you be penalised for being off work with swine flu?

no that's called a "sick" day

Which hobby has the most money spent on it?

i would say sports, that's an expensive hobby....gas (traveling) uniforms, education, training, dr. visits, sports equipment, etc!

What is form 49 of mp sales tax?

it is a form in lieu of which you are penalised with heavy amount by staff at checkpost.

Why is timing important in netball?

Timing is important because if you have the ball for longer than 3 seconds you get penalised.

What is a sentence for the word ran?

He ran the risk of being penalised for plagiarizing this sentence.

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