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tour de France

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Q: In which sporting event would the competitor wear the maillot jaune?
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When was Pour Un Maillot Jaune created?

Pour Un Maillot Jaune was created in 1965.

What is the Yellow Jersey called in french?

The yellow jersey - le maillot jaune.

What is the name for the yellow jersey in french?

Yellow jersey in french is "maillot jaune"

In the tour de france what does each winner wear?

The "Maillot Jaune", the yellow jersey.

What actors and actresses appeared in ...pour un maillot jaune - 1965?

The cast of ...pour un maillot jaune - 1965 includes: Frank Alamo as himself Michel Barbey Felice Gimondi as himself Nancy Holloway as herself Raymond Poulidor as himself Rik Van Looy as himself

What does the maillot jaune signify in the tour de France?

The "Maillot Jaune" or " Yellow Jersey" is worn by the rider with the overall shortest time. Or during the 1st stage, lats year's winner. The original idea behind the colored jerseys was to make it easier for the spectators to recognize when the strong riders passed by.

How do you win the yellow jersey in tour de France?

Overall leader on time wears the Yellow jersey - the "Maillot Jaune".

What is the difference between the green and yellow jerseys in cycle racing?

The green jersey (maillot vert) is given to the leader of the points classification. The yellow jersey (maillot jaune) is worn by the general classification leader.

What are the french names for the Tour de France jerseys?

Yellow Leaders Jersey: Maillot Jaune Green Points Jersey: Maillot Vert Polkadot Mountain Jersey: Maillot à pois rouges /Haute Grimpeur White Young Riders Jersey: Maillot Blanc Also Awarded is the 'prix de la combativité', for the most aggressive rider. and the 'lantern rouge' for the last place rider - not a jersey but a red coloured number

What is the grand prize in the tour de France?

The yellow jersey (Maillot Jaune). They of course get money, money from their sponsors as well. The real prize is the publicity, they get so many magazine deals and even commercial deals.

What color is jaune in french?

jaune is yellow in English.

What does Jaune mean?

'Jaune' means yellow in French.

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