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Q: In which sport does a gold ring score you 9 points?
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How many points do you get if you score the yellow ring?

the outer ring you get nine but if you hit the middle two you get ten

How many points do you score if you hit the black ring in archery?

I'm not exactly sure, mostly because I've never been too into archery. However, look at where it is on the board, and inferance the amount of points. For example, if its in the middle, than assume its 100 points, and work from there.

What ring will melt at a higher temperature a 5g pure gold ring or a 10g pure gold ring?

A five pure gold ring is incorrect it is a 10g pure gold ring

What has a higher density a small pure gold ring or a large pure gold ring?

I think it is the large gold ring

How do you make a gold bar in to a gold ring on runescape?

You bring a gold bar and a ring mould to a furnace, use the bar with furnace, and select 'gold ring'.

What is the difference between a rock salt and gold ring?

what is difference in a gold ring and rock salt

What does the marking 24 mean on a gold ring?

its is 24 carat gold or 100% pure gold ring. But is unlikely to be , no one make 24 carat gold ring

How many points is a bulls eye worth in archery?

It varies from target to target (sport to sport). In darts, it's 50 points (which is not the highest score a single dart can get a thrower, by the way). In most shooting sports (bullets and arrows), it's 10 points. The ring around the center or bullseye is worth 25 points in darts, and is worth 9 points in those shooting sports.

What is a pound of Garnet worth?

how much is 68 points garnet worth on my 9ct gold ring

Why does your gold ring turn black then back to gold in a few days?

gold ring does not turn black

What does 22 kgp gold means?

It means that the ring is plated in 22k gold, its not a solid gold ring.

What does F14k on gold ring mean?

F14k on a gold ring means that it is 14 karot gold! lucky you!