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Q: In which sport do you use a small peg called a tee to rest the ball on?
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What is the most favorite sport in the country Congo?

Their favorite sport is soccer (foot ball) . This sport can be found in schools and competitions . It is atually team mates need to kick a ball in a net,and they get points for their team . But they need to stop at 90.00minutes and they have a rest in the midle of the game then they continue.

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Which sport is affiliated with DC united?

Major League Soccer is the League affiliated with DC united. Soccer is a very popular sport and it is famous all over the world. Its called football in the rest f the world.

Does the rebound height has a constant relationship with the original height of a tennis ball when released from rest and bounces on a bench?

As long as the tennis ball is not thrust downward, yes, the tennis ball will bounce back to the same proportion of its original height, no matter how far it's dropped, as long as the height is small enough that air resistance can be ignored. The ball will eventually come to rest due to this air resistance.

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