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Q: In which sport do you use a small peg called a tee to rest the ball on?
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What is the most favorite sport in the country Congo?

Their favorite sport is soccer (foot ball) . This sport can be found in schools and competitions . It is atually team mates need to kick a ball in a net,and they get points for their team . But they need to stop at 90.00minutes and they have a rest in the midle of the game then they continue.

Is it out if the ball lands on the line in a serve in tennis?

If any part of the ball is touching the line, but the rest is out, it is still called in.

What was the first sport play in ancient Egypt?

It was called up the but I really shouldn't explain the rest

When the tennis ball hits the line it is in or out?

The ball is only considered out if the whole ball is in front of the line, meaning if only a fracton of the ball lands on it and the rest is over, it is still called in.

A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball at rest The total momentum of the balls?

That would depend on the velocity of the soccer ball not at rest.

What is the small area inside a front door called when it has linoleum and the rest is carpet?

I believe it is just called 'the entry'.

How do you remove the head rest for repair?

how do you remove the head rest for a sport track

Is the ball pen is at rest or in motion when the ball pen hanging on the yarn?

no,,, the ball pen is at rest or meaningful is sleep,,,thers no motion or forces acting on the ball pen when it hanging on to the yarn,,,,,,

Most tiring sport?

Surprisingly enough, the official answer is dance. In the majority of sports, you're given frequent rest periods (I.E. waiting for the ball in soccer, between downs in football) but in dance you're at it nearly the whole time. If you do not consider dancing as a sport, then squash is the most tiring. There is very little time to rest and there is a lot of running

What sport is known as football to the rest of the world?


Why type of training effect the Rest Principle?


Which sport is affiliated with DC united?

Major League Soccer is the League affiliated with DC united. Soccer is a very popular sport and it is famous all over the world. Its called football in the rest f the world.