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The Game of Ice Hockey is played with a Puck.

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Q: In which sport do you play with a 'puck'?
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What sport do you play with a puck?

Ice Hockey

In which sport do you play with a puck?

ice hockey

What sport do you need a puck for?

Hockey is a sport that you need a puck for. The puck is something in hockey that you whack with a stick into a net to gain points.

Which sport uses a puck?


In which sport is a puck used?


Which sport do you use a puck?


In what sport is a puck used?

In Ice hockey or Hockey You have to try and get the puck into the net

Which sport would you use a puck?


What is important about hockey?

THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

Who will play puck in the sisters grimm movie?

Justin Bieber recently signed on to play Puck.

In what sport would you use a puck?

air hockey

What happens when the puck goes out of bounds during a hockey game?

When the puck leaves the playing surface there is a stoppage of play. There is a face-off nearest to where the puck went out of play.

Team sport played on ice with stick and a puck?

Hockey is a team sport played on ice with the following,

Sport disc that can go 100 mph when struck?


What sport needs lots of equipment?

hockey because it has a puck

What sport uses ice puck and stick?

ice hockey

When the puck in hockey what is that called?

this makes no sense!!!! If you mean when the puck is in motion on the ice, it called the " puck in play " .

How many minutes on the average is the puck in play in the NHL?

60 every game. The clock does not tick without the puck in play.

What chilly sport has players hitting a puck to score a goal?

It's the sport of ice hockey.

What is Puck Puck?

It it a black disk made out of rubber used to play hockey

What term is stopping the puck in hockey?

If the goaltender stops the puck it's a "save", if he holds onto the puck to get the referee to stop play it's called "freezing the puck"

What makes a hobby a sport?

I Think a sport is a activity that has at least two teams, that play for a certain object, and have specific game rules/guide lines. Examples of objects: The Baseball, Puck, Football, Soccer ball, Tennis ball, Rugby ball.

In which sport would you use a puck?


What Shakespeare play did puck appear in?

Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, appeared in William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Who should play puck in the sisters grimm movie?

i think Jeremy Sumpter should play puck and its really funny that he plays Peter Pan because Puck HATES Peter Pan!!!