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Rugby Union.......

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Q: In which sport do countries play for the Bledisloe Cup?
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Related questions

Which sport is associated with the Bledisloe Cup?

The Bledisloe Cup is associated with the sport of rugby.

In which sport does Australia play New Zealand for the Bledisloe Cup?

Rugby Union

Which sport is played in the bledisloe cup?


What two countries compete for the Bledisloe Cup?

The Bledisloe Cup is contested by the Australias rugby union team and New Zealands rugby union team.

Who is the Beldisloe cup named after?

The Bledisloe Cup was donated in 1931 by the Governor-General of New Zealand, Lord Bledisloe. Competitions for the Cup have varied from one to three matches, sometimes with three-or four-year gaps between series, but since 1982 both countries have agreed to play at least one game for the Cup annually. The Tri-Nations ensures that the nations play each other at least two times a year.

Who is the current holder of the Bledisloe Cup?

New Zealand. The All black's one point victory over the Wallabies on 22nd August ensured that they would hold the Bledisloe cup for the 2009 season.

How Many games in the Bledisloe cup?

3 games

The Bledisloe Cup is competed for in rugby between.and.?

Australia and New Zealand

What sporting event in 1995 did new zealand win from the USa?

The Bledisloe Cup

How many times has the all blacks won the Bledisloe cup?

37 (as of 2009)

In which sport do countries compete for the American cup?


Has Australia won the Bledisloe cup?

Yes, 12 times to the All Black's 40.

The Bledisloe cup is completed for in rugby between what 2 things?

australia and new zealand

What sport do you play in the World Cup?


In which sport does England play Scotland for the Calcutta Cup?

It is the sport of rugby. The Calcutta Cup is a rugby union trophy.

In which sport do countries compete for the America's cup?

They compete for sailing.

In which sport do countries compete to win the American Cup?


In which sport do countries complete for the America cup?


In which sport do the woman play in the federation cup?

Tennis. The Fed Cup is equivalent to the men's Davis Cup.

Who can play in the World Cup?

A World Cup is a sport tournament opposing teams representing different countries.There is a Football World Cup, a Rugby World Cup, a Cricket World Cup, a Soccer World Cup (FIFA), the list goes on. Any sportsman/woman who is chosen by his/her country to represent them in a specific sport, can play in a specific World Cup, given that specific country has entered to compete...Any country with a national football association has the option to compete in the qualification process. The World Cup finals consist of 32 teams.

What sports do people in Ecuador play?

People in Ecuador probably play two of the most popular sports in the Americas. Soccer and baseball. Even though soccer is not the dominant sport in the USA, it is a world sport; with countries all over the world playing in the FIFA World Cup (including Ecuador).

Which sport do people play for the Davis cup?

Men's Tennis

Which countries play in the ryder cup?

The Ryder Cup is played strictly between these two countries Europe and the U.s.A.

How many countries play 2010 world cup?

32 countries

Who has won the most bledisloe cups?

The All Blacks have won the cup 40 times to Autralia's 12