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Q: In which sport can you slam dunk basket?
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In which sport can you slam dunk a basket?


In which sport do players slam dunk?

The slam dunk is done in basketball. It is where a player slams a ball through the basketball hoop (thus, a slam dunk). No other sport has this.

In which sport might you slam dunk?

You would only slam dunk in basketball.

Does a dunk count if it hits the ring?

a dunk is a dunk as long as you jump to the hoop and slam the basket ball in the hoop if it misses then its not

What is the proper definition of slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot. In order to perform one, the player has to jump and then manually put the ball through the basket, while one (or both) hands are over the rim. The slam dunk was formerly known as dunk shot.

Which sport involves the slam dunk?


In which sport do you use a slam dunk?


In which sport would you find a slam dunk?


In which sport might you do a slam dunk?

You would do a slam dunk in basketball.

Are there any physics when doing a slam dunk?

Yes, a lot. You have to know the projectory when jumping, and how much mass you have when jumping in order to know if you can slam dunk, not to mention the force of the ball going in the basket.

How do you do a slam dunk on Wii sports resort?

If you have the ball and someone tries to steal it, but misses and falls, dribble closer to the basket, hit (B) like you're going to shoot, bring your hand up and slam it down at the right time, and you have a slam dunk.

Will there be slam dunk 2 anime?

yes it will be Slam dunk 2 but am not sure about slam dunk 3.

What is the difference between slam dunk and dunk?

Slam Dunk is the full term, dunk is the shorter one. They are the same thing.

What is slam dunk in basketball?

when someone has the bb in their hands and touches the rim and stikll has thebb in their hand and makes the basketball in the basket

What do you win for winning the slam dunk contest?

The slam dunk championship.

What do you need to do a slam dunk?

To slam dunk, you need a basketball and a basketball hoop. The definition of a slam dunk is pushing the ball through a basketball hoop.

Slam dunk animie season 2?

yes,, I love slam dunk..

When did Super Slam Dunk happen?

Super Slam Dunk happened in 1993.

How do you slam dunk NBA 2k10?

Hold the B button near the basket, and smash the wiimote from up to down.

Who was the first woman to slam dunk in Olympics?

Elizabeth Cambage was the first woman to slam dunk in the olympics. She also got that slam dunk for Australia. yeh yeh

How does one win a slam dunk contest?

To win a slam dunk contest, one must endure a lot of training to ensure they are physically fit. One must be tall, in order to match up with the other contestants and be able to jump high enough to reach the basket.

Does PS2 have slam dunk contest?

They have NBA Live games, which have slam dunk contests.

When was Super Slam Dunk created?

Super Slam Dunk was created in 1993-07.

What is the duration of Slam Dunk manga?

The duration of Slam Dunk - manga - is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of Slam Dunk Ernest?

The duration of Slam Dunk Ernest is 1.55 hours.