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Q: In which of the stages of team building does the team build team qualities in the context of the operational mission?
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What are five What are five inputs to the mission essential task list?

Wartime operational plans, enduring combat capabilities, operational environment, directed mission, and external guidance.

What is the difference between aircraft sortie and mission?

a sortie is a training operation, and a mission is operational activity.

What is the concept of operations management?

a generic term used in many fields, stemming from engineering and management and often used by the military and in operational meteorology; a term whose exact definition and meaning depends upon the operational context and intended applications; a means to define a set of functions to be performed (and/or products to be provided) for a given mission from which the attributes of an operational system can be defined; a description of the set of capabilities required for the operational system.

How do you compile an operational plan?

The best way to compile an operational plan is to research the market. With thorough research, you can create an operational plan that links strategically to the mission of the organization.

Who at the operational level has the responsibility for the mission and the authority to obligate funds to support TDY travel?

The Authorizing Official (AO) is the official at the operational level who has the responsibility for the mission and the authority to obligate funds to support TDY travel

Who prepares the statements detailing the Required Operational Capability?

Mission and warfare sponsors

What does Operational Effectiveness measure that Suitability does not?

The overall degree of mission accomplishment of a systemThe overall degree of mission accompliThe shment of a system

How does mission command integrate the art of command and the science of control?

strategic, operational, and tactical

What standard operational wing dependent group was created with the mission of the installation in mind?


Who prepares the statement detailing required operational capability roc?

Mission and warfare sponsors

What information does the designed operational capability provide?

The mission for which a unit is organized, trained and equipped.

What were there qualities padres looked for when choosing a mission site?

to get money