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Q: In which game would you use a castle and a knight?
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In which game would you use a castle and knight?

you would find them in chess

What does Goofy use in Kingdom Hearts?

A shield, because he's the Knight's Captain or something in Disney Castle.

Where is the key for the lost silver knight statue on binweevils?

at castle gam behind a Rock use the weevil cam

What did a knight use a weapon?

Knights would use a sword or a javln

How did a knight earn their living in medievil times?

Knights use to protect the castle, and listen to orders being told by the king or the main solider>.

What would you use to build a model of a stone keep castle?

use stone

How do you attack a square keep castle?

they would use all their equipment e.g a siege catapult and would try to aim the castle to attack it. !!!!

What does a knight use does he use a clan?

A knight's primary weapon is his intellect, but he may have to resort to his shield and sword. His own clan can support him, or protect him if he becomes wounded. In the game of chess, he uses his horse.

Is a moat on the inside of a castle or the outside?

It is on the outside, because it is used to prevent people from entering the castle. If it was on the inside, there would be no use for it.

What weapons would a knight on horseback use?

They would of used a lance,battle axe,and sword

What are some meta knight cheats on super smash bros brawl?

With some texture hacks, you can make Meta-Knight look like various other characters, such as Galaxia-Knight and others. Also, there is a hack somewhere out there that can make Meta-Knight invincible, (as well as any other character) but I don't know how to find it. If you want cheats without having to use hacks, here is one. On the Melee stage Hyrule Castle, you will find if you are Meta-Knight and you drop almost to the bottom of the screen and use your up-B move, you will be able to fly around the castle without falling.

What methods other than direct attack might you use to force a castle to surrender?

there are 2 main things that would work. first, they use to mine till they were underneath the castle and then they lit pigs on fire and since they were so far, the burned hot which then would eventually cause the castle to collapse. The second is besieging a castle. The knights would surround a castle and starve everyone till they died or till they surrendered.

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