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The 2019 cricket world cup will be hosted by England and Wales.The fixture list for the event has not been released.

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it is held in India

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san siro

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Q: In which country is next icc champions trophy to be held?
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Where is the next ICC champions trophy 2013?

ICC champions trophy was held in England and Wales in 2013.

When is the next cricket tournament?

September 2009, Champions trophy in South Africa.

In which country the next icc world T20 2011 be held?

The 2011 Champions League will be held in the month of September.India, Australia and England could be the possible hosts.

How much does a team get rewarded for winning uefa champions league?

The Trophy, Automatic Qualification for the next one

Which country will be the next commonwealth games?

The next country the commnwealth games are going to be held in is : SCOTLAND . :)

In what year and country the next FIFA World Cup will be held?

The next world cup will be held in 2014 in Brazil.

The next olympic games will be held in which country?


Who will be next country for Olympic?

The next summer Olympics in 2012 will be held in London.

Which country next Olympic are being held?

London in the UK.

Which country holds Olympics next?

The next olympic games are to be held in London Englandin 2012

Where are the next winter Olympics held and what country?

Sochi, Russia. You are welcome.

Which country will host the next Olympics and what year will it take place?

The next Olympics will be held in Brazil and it will be at 2016