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Baseball started in the he United States.

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Q: In which country did baseball start in?
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Why did the Oakland Athletics start their 2012 season in Tokyo?

To promote Major League Baseball overseas in a country where baseball is the national sport.

When did japan start playing baseball?

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the country of Japan, it was introduced in that country in the year 1872, by American Horace Wilson. The first official baseball team was formed and established in 1878 and was called the Shimbashi Athletic Club.

What age can you start baseball?

You can start baseball at whichever age you desire:)

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What country did baseball start in?

Good ol' America! there was an early versionof the game in England before the USA

When do baseball play off start?

The 2009 baseball playoffs start on October 7.

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What country did footballoriginate?

in which country did football start?

Why did baseball start?

Because, a few people decided to start a new game, and thus, baseball.

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A country that starts with A is Argentina.

What country does the Mississippi start?

Where country does the. Mississippi come from

In what Mexican country is baseball popular?

This question does not make sense. Baseball is popular in Mexico, which is a country unto itself.

Is a professional baseball team a good team to start off your baseball career?

No, it is not. You should propably start when you are a child

Which country was the second country in the world to play baseball?


When does fantasy baseball start?

Usually at the beginning of baseball season.

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What country has baseball as a national sport?

Probably Japan Or A Country In The Carribean. Baseball Is U.S.A's Natinol Passtime.

Were did baseball start?

In cooperstown

When does baseball start?

In the spring

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