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Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

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Q: In which countries is bowling the most popular?
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What countries is bowling played in?

Tenpin bowling is played all over the world. It is most popular in the US and UK, but is very popular in Asian countries as well. It is the most popular indoor sport in the world.

What is the most popular form of bowling in the US?

In the US, the most popular form of bowling is tenpin bowling. For more information on what tenpin bowling is all about:

Which countries play bowling the most?

The US and the UK play the most ten pin bowling.

Is amf bowling the most popular bowling centre in Victoria?

AMF does not have any bowling centers in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

What country is popular for bowling?

United States is the most popular country for the sport.

What are the most popular participatory sports in the world?


What countries is bowling playing in?

The sport of bowling can be found in the majority of countries.

What are the five most popular countries for wicca?

The UK and the US are the two most popular countries.

Is badminton most popular in Asian countries?

Yes, badminton is most popular in Asian countries.

What wood is used to make bowling pins?

Rock maple is the most popular.

What is Most popular outdoor leisure activity in US?

With 53.5 million participants, it is bowling as the most popular. The most popular outdoor activity is fresh water fishing with 42.1 million participants.

What countries are soccer most popular in?

the countries soccer is popular in are NIGERIA;BRASIL; ENGLAND

Where is football not popular?

It's quite popular in all countries. But in some countries it's not one of the most popular sports.

When did bowling become popular?

The 1920s-1940s are considered to be the golden age of bowling. It was growing at such a rapid rate that bowling alleys were sprouting up all over the United States, throughout Europe, and even in Asian countries like Japan and China.

Where can a 300 bowling alley be found?

300 Bowling Alleys can be found across the USA. Some of the most popular 300 Bowling Alleys can be found in Long Beach, Atlanta, Houston and Shady Grove.

Who is the boss of New Brunswick?

It originally was the inventor of the game Bowling, but soon, his descendants took over his place, who now create the rules of bowling. Bowling is also the most popular sport in New Brunswick.

In what countries are Sardar jokes most popular?

If you want to know what countries are Sardar jokes most popular, it is India and its neighboring countries. These very funny jokes are very enjoyable.

What Asian Countries are the worlds most two most popular countries?

China & South Korea

Why is soccer the most popular sport?

Soccer is the most popular sport because- 1) It is played by the whole world(almost) 2) It is the most popular sport in many countries 3) It is the national sport of many countries

In which countries is tennis most popular?


What is most popular countries?

France, the United Kingdom and Canada are usually voted among the most popular countries. However, the country with the highest population is China.

How popular is bowling in the world?


What bowling is popular in France?

The answer is Boules!

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Motorcycle trials are most popular in United Kingdom and Spain. Nonetheless, they are also popular in other countries, like United States of America. Although they do not qualify for the most popular title there.