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Q: In which city scores Michael Jordan 5000?
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Where was Michael H. Jordan born?

Michael H. Jordan was born in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States.

What city did Michael Jordan go to college?

Durham, NC

What video game is Michael Jordan in?

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. This is an old Super Nintendo game. I don't know if Jordan has ever been in any other games.

What city and state was Michael Jordan born in?

Brooklyn, New York

What city did Michael Jordan come from?

He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

What city did Michael Jordan Play in last for NBA?

because he loved the NBA

Which Chicago great is commemorated in the statue outside the city United Center?

Michael Jordan

In what city did Michael Jordan score his 10000th career point?

In Philadelphia. (Against the 76ers.)

Which Chicago great is commemorated in a statue outside the city's United Center?

Michael Jordan

How much is a Michael Jordan rated rookie fun city card worth?


During Michael Jordan teen years what city did he live in?

brookly but he moved at primary to a safer place )

What soccer team did Michael Jordan play for?

Michael Johnson played soccer for Manchester City. The 24yr old was tipped to have a career as an England player.