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America has hosted 4 summer Olympic games and 4 winter Olympic games. Try the Olympic web site at for specific locations and dates.

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Q: In what years has America hosted the Olympics?
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In what years has Russia hosted the Olympics?

Russia wil host their first Olympics in 2014. Prior, the Soviets hosted the Olympics in 1980.

Besides the 2000 Olympics what other years were the Olympics held in Australia?

Australia hosted the Olympics in 1956 in Melbourne. Sydney hosted in 2000.

What happened to the Olympics?

Nothing. The Olympics are hosted every 4 years.

How many years has Thailand hosted the Olympics?

Thailand has never hosted the Olympic games.

What years did south Korea host the Olympics?

South Korea hosted the Olympics in 1988.

What three continents have not hosted the Olympics?

South america Africa antartica

Have the Olympics ever been hosted in Latin America?

Not yet but it will be in 2016.

Has Azerbaijan hosted the Olympics?

Azerbaijan has never hosted the Olympics.

In which years did New Zealand hosted the summer Olympics games?

New Zealand has never hosted an Olympiad.

Which years has London hosted the Olympics previously?

1908 and 1948

What years has Los Angeles hosted the Olympics?

1932 and 1984

Has Poland ever hosted the Olympics?

Poland has never hosted the Olympics.

Has Cambodia ever hosted the Olympics?

Cambodia has never hosted the Olympics.

Has China ever hosted the Olympics?

Yes, it hosted the Olympics at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

What three continents have never hosted the olympics?

South America, Africa and Antarctica.

What are the three continents that have never hosted the Olympics?

Africa, South America, Antarctica

Has Japan ever hosted the Olympic Games?

Yes, Japan hosted the Olympics three times. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964, Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, and Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998. Tokyo is scheduled to host the Summer Olympics again in 2020.

What years did Rome host the Summmer Olympics?

Rome has hosted one Summer Olympics, that being in 1960.

When did Torino host the summer Olympics?

Torino has not hosted the Summer Olympics. They hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006.

What is the country where the Olympics have been hosted for four years?

New Zealand

What years did Canada host the winter Olympics?

In 1988, Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics and Vancouver Is Currently Hosting the 2010 Olympics

How many times has Peru hosted the Olympics?

Peru had never hosted the Olympics.

Were the Olympics ever hosted in Bolivia?

The Olympics have never been hosted in Bolivia.

Has Spain ever hosted the Olympics?

Barcelona, Spain hosted the Olympics in 1992.

What country hosted the Olympics this year?

Rio, Brazil hosted the Olympics in 2016.