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Late 1800's, but soccer has been played for over 2,000 years.

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Q: In what year were the fist soccer cleats invented?
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What year were baseball cleats invented?

what year were baseball cleats invented???

Where can you get neon soccer cleats?

Neon soccer cleats can be found at almost any dedicated soccer store. A lot of it will depend on trends in the market and what manufacurers have put out there for a given year. Online soccer shops also appear to have a very large selection of cleats, so get googling.

Where does professional soccer players get their soccer cleats from?

The manufacturers, they send them hundreds of pairs a year.

What is the difference between soccer shoes and soccer cleats?

Coming from a 10 year travel soccer player; soccer shoes have a different texture on the; soccer shoes- flat on the bottom / Soccer cleats- have like things on the bottom that would help stay in the ground

How many soccer cleats are sold in England each year?

many are sold

Who invented soccer and what year?

England invented soccer before 1900's i believe it was.

Who invented the fist ice cream cone and in what year?

the ice cream is invented by the chinese

In what year was soccer invented?


What year is soccer invented?


In what year was the game soccer invented?


What year was street soccer invented?


Who invented soccer and in what year?

the ancient egyptians did and it was in 1235

What year was the calculator invented?

The first mechanical calculator was invented in 1623. In 1961, the fist electronic desktop calculators were made.

In what year was the first form of soccer invented?

in 1000 b.c

What year was the soccer ball invented?

in 1731

What year was the black and white soccer ball invented?


When was the first soccer ball invented?

The year of 1981 or somthing like that

The year soccer was invented?

Officially, in mid-19th century, unofficially in the Middle Ages in England.

What year did James naismith invented netball?

Netball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. The first games were played with a peach basket and a soccer ball.

In what century was soccer invented?

The 'Laws of the game' for 'Association football' also known as 'Soccer' were wrote in the 19th centaury by a man called Ebenezer C. Morley. The year was 1863.

Who Invented Football and what year?

Cuju was actually the first to invent Football/Soccer in 206 BC but great Britain then Introduced it in 1900

Who was year soccer player this year?

The year soccer player this year is Lionel Messi.

What type of shoes do you wear for field hockey?

Depends whether or not you're gonna be playing on turf or an actual field. If you play on turf you will need turf shoes. You could wear sneakers but you'd be slipping and sliding everywhere. Iv'e heard that cleats are banned from most turf fields because they damage it. If you play on an actual field then you would need cleats. Sneakers work too, but you would also be slipping and sliding everywhere. I would recommend buying some Nike or Adidas soccer cleats or actual field hockey brand names like Dita. If you were to buy soccer cleats you would have to watch out because if you get hit in the foot, it won't have much protection. I remember my first year in 7th grade I played with regular sneakers and I was sliding everywhere!

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