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Dallas was granted an NFL franchise on January 28, 1960.

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Q: In what year was the city of Dallas granted an NFL expansion franchise?
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In what year was Dallas granted an expansion franchise?

Are you thinking of the football expansion? Dallas has had two football teams. In 1952 the Dallas Texans, which later became the Kansas City Chiefs. In 1960 the Dallas Cowboys came to being. The Dallas Texans of 1952 are the Indianapolis Colts of today. After the one season (1952) the NFL awarded the team to a group of Baltimore businessmen headed by Carroll Rosenbloom. The franchise moved operations to Baltimore and became known as the Colts. The charter member of the American Football League named the Dallas Texans moved operations to Kansas City for the 1963 season. The Cowboys began play in the NFL in 1960.

Have the Dallas Cowboys always been the Dallas Cowboys?

There have been two professional football teams that started in Dallas in the last 50 or so years. The Dallas Texans, an AFL franchise that moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were an expansion team in 1960 for the NFL.

Where did the Chiefs franchise play before they came to Kansas City?

Dallas The Chiefs played as the Dallas Texans between 1960-1962.

Where did the Dallas Texans go?

The original 1952 Dallas Texans franchise of the NFL was dissolved by the League before the end of the season. What was left of the players joined the new Baltimore Colts franchise in 1953. The 1960 Dallas Texans of the AFL relocated to become the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963.

How long has Dallas had a football franchise?

Both the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League and the Dallas Texans of the American Football League began playing in 1960. The Texans relocated to Kansas City, Missouri in 1963 and became the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is Oklahoma's NFL team?

Oklahoma doesn't have an NFL franchise. The NFL cities closest to Oklahoma are Dallas, Kansas City and Denver.

What year did Dallas enter the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys entered the NFL in 1960. In fact, from 1960-1962, Dallas also had the Dallas Texans of the AFL, who became the Kansas City Chiefs. Dallas also had a previous NFL franchise called the Dallas Texans, who played one season, 1952.

When did the Charlotte Bobcats come to the NBA?

NBA promised Charlotte leaders that the city would be granted an NBA expansion team for the 2004-05 season. On December 18, 2002, a group led by Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson was awarded the franchise. their first NBA game was November 4, 2004

How much are the Kansas City Chiefs worth?

According to, the Chiefs franchise is worth $1.016 billion as of September 2008. They were bought for $25,000 in 1960 as the Dallas Texans.

What is sport city?

a city or metropolitan area with a professional sports franchise. for example, denver would be a sport city because it has a mlb franchise (the Colorado rockies) a nfl franchise (denver broncos) a nhl franchise (Colorado avalanche) and a nba franchise (denver nuggets.

Where did the city of Dallas get its name?

how did the city get its name Dallas

Do you capitalize city in the City of Dallas?

If you are referring to a formal reference to the city, then, yes, you write "the City of Dallas". You can see this below both in Dallas' city charter as well as on Dallas' website.