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"The Nottingham Panthers were founded in the year of 1946, nine-teen forty-six. They are a professional hockey club (British). There are books about them in Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and Ebay."

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Q: In what year was the Nottingham Panthers founded?
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When was Nottingham Panthers created?

Nottingham Panthers was created in 1946.

What year was the Nottingham Ice Arena opened?

The year that the Nottingham Ice Arena was opened in 1939. It is home to the Nottingham Panthers hockey team whom started playing in 1946. The centre is located in the Midlands, UK.

From which state are the Nottingham panthers?

Nottinghamshire IDIOT!!!!!!

Where was Nottingham Forest FC founded?


Who is the bench manerger of the Nottingham panthers?

Rick stracken

When were Nottingham forest founded?

founded in 1865

What is the Nottingham panthers song called?

Apollo 440 - Krupa

When were the panthers founded?

If you're talking about the Carolina panthers, a football team in the NFL, then I'll have to say they were founded in 1995

When were the Pittsburgh Panthers Basketball team founded?

in juky

Who founded the Rock City Crew?

The Nottingham based crew were founded by DJ Jonathan (aka Jonathan Woodliffe).

What were the first teams in soccer?

Notts County, from the city of Nottingham in England are the first team founded to still be in an actual league, they were founded in 1863.

Which NHL franchise was founded in 1993?

Florida Panthers and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim