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In the year 2004 -2005.

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Q: In what year was Tiger Woods number one?
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The Tiger Woods One logo with a circle through it may mean hole in One True or False?

No, the One logo represents Tiger Woods, the world's number one.

What will Tiger Woods will be remembered for?

One thing that Tiger Woods will be remembered for is what a great golfing career he had and his many achievements as the number one professional golf player in the world.

Where can one go to view Tiger Woods videos?

There are a wide range of sites where one can view Tiger Woods videos. These can be viewed on the Tiger Woods website as well as ESPN, Biography and YouTube.

Who had the most consecutive weeks at number one on the PGA before Tiger Woods?

Greg Norman

Does Tiger Woods have children?

Yes, Tiger Woods has 2 kids.

What is Tiger Woods favorite number?

It is probably number 1, it is what he always wanted to be, and what he is. He only uses Nike One #1 golf balls.

What does the ONE mean on Tiger Woods Caps?

It is the type of ball he uses. He uses the 'Nike ONE Tour TW'. Plenty of Nike Players use this ball, but it was designed for Tiger Woods because he is world number one and the best player in the world.

When did tiger woods become world number one?

42 weeks as professional

Who is the worlds number two golfer?

Tiger Woods is the # 1 rated golfer in the World ( PGA rankings ) & has been for several years ( with the exception of when he was injured a few years ago & missed most of seasons tournaments).

How many tigers are there in tiger wood?

Tiger Woods has only ever had one wife, Elin Nordegren, they got married in 2004.

What number is Tiger Woods?

It is probably number 1, it is what he always wanted to be, and what he is. He only uses Nike One #1 Golf balls.

Who Longest time as golf number 1?

Tiger Woods, he has spent 557 weeks at number one, as at 25/07/09.