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Pete Sampras, a professional tennis player, was ranked as the world's number 1 tennis player in 1993. He held that position for nineteen consecutive weeks.

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Q: In what year was Pete Sampras the world's number 1 tennis player?
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Who is the worlds number one male tennis player?

After US Open. He is the guy ... Novak Djokovic ...

Who is the worlds youngest women tennis player champion?

adity mumthakar

Who is the worlds best under 16 tennis player?

Michael mmho!

Who is the best tennis player in the under 13's section in the world for tennis?

Matthew Dumont is the worlds best tennis player under 13's since 2006

Which tennis player recorded the worlds fastest serve in 2004?

Andy roddick

Who is the worlds number one female tennis player?

The world's number one female tennis champion is Serena Williams. Williams represents the United States, and has been ranked number one female champion in the world on six different occasions.

What is Steffi Graff most well known for?

Steffi Graff is most well known for her accomplishments in the sport of tennis. She has won number 1 titles on all 4 of the major surface types used in tennis and at one point was ranked as the worlds number 1 womens tennis player.

Who was rated as the worlds best woman's singles and doubles player from 1936 until 1940?

in tennis

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What is the worlds second most paid sport?

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5 in a row. I think that this is clearly the worlds best tennis player. (Not in modern time ofcourse)

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Margaret Court, who is known as the worlds number 1 tennis player. Has won a total of 62 grand slam titles, this record ha being the best record so far in the world og women or men tennis.

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