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Nike was founded on January 25,1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports.

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Q: In what year did Nike start?
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Related questions

What year did nike start making shoes?

nike originally was starting to be made in 1967 two years after it was founded

When did Nike first start?

NIKE was incorporated in 1968.

What year did Michael Jordan start making shoes?

he started off with a contract inm nike in 1984

What year was Nike founded?

The year when Nike was founded is 1964. Nike is a corporation which engaged in developing and designing different kinds of trends in the industry.

What year and month were Nike sneakers invented?

1968 was the first year that the Nike shoes invented.

Where did Nike start?


Why did Nike start?

because it did

How much profit does Nike make a year?

Nike has made $12.45 billion dollars this past year. Nike was started as a small shoe company is Eugene, Oregon.

How much does Nike spend on advertising each year?

Nike spend aproximately $2 Billion a year on advertising!

How did the nike company start?

as brs

When did Nike Jordan's start?


Who start Nike?

Philip Knight

What year was Nike shoes invented?

The first nike shoe was invented in 1968.

What year was Nike established?

Established in 1972, the first shoe with the NIKE SWOOSH was introduced in the spring of the same year.

When did Nike start?

The company was founded on January 25, 1964 and officially became Nike, Inc. In 1978.

How much Nike makes in a year?

nike makes $1.95 coupons from mc donalds :)

How much did Eric koston get to sign with Nike?

He got 500,000 a year approx of nike

When did phil knight start Nike?


How much is nike franchise?

$250,000 to start

What year was Nike the goddess of victory born?

Nike wasn't born on a year because Greek mythology isn't real. by:Jason the Answerer

Where can you find nike job opportunities?

The best place to start looking for a job opportunity at nike would be to submit you resume to nike itself. That way they have it directly in their systems.

In which year Nike was started?

Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman.

How much products does Nike sell each year?

nike is very good thnk you for this question

Where might one go to purchase Nike Tracksuits online?

A person looking for a Nike tracksuit should probably start with the online store from Nike. If that is not an option there are many other sites that sell the Nike brand name.

Where can I find a Nike zoom Vomero 5 review?

You could just search it up but a good place to start is the Nike site or a Nike forum. There should be a number of customer reviews for the nike zoom vomero 5 there.