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That would be 1982 over John Thompson's Georgetown Hoyas. And there were two other players on that UNC team that were top 3 NBA draft picks, one being Hall of Famer multi-NBA champion James Worthy.

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Q: In what year did Michael Jordan lead his Tarheels to a National Championship?
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Did Michael Jordan win six championship rings?

Yes Michael Jordan won six national championship rings playing for the Chicago Bulls.

What is one famous alumni from North Carolina Tarheels?

Michael Jordan

Did Larry bird play for North Carolina tarheels?

no he did not but Michael Jordan did.

Who was the basketball star for the UNC Tarheels and the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan

Who was the first team to win the National Basketball Association championship?

michael jordan

How many points did Michael Jordan have in 1982 national championship game?


How many championship ring does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has 7 championship rings. With the North Carolina Tarheels, MJ made the game-winning jump shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship game against Georgetown University for his first 'championship ring'. In the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, MJ won championships in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1996, 1997, 1998 giving him his next six 'championship rings'.

When Michael Jordan was in collage what was his basketball number?

When he played for the North Carolina Tarheels he wore number 23.

When did Michael Jordan win championship?

1993 answered by Logan Michael

Did Michael Jordan win a championship after retiring?

How many championship ring do Michael Jordan have?


Did Michael Jordan win a championship in college?


What does Michael Jordan want to see?

a championship ring

When did Michael Jordan win his sixth championship?


What shoes did Michael Jordan wear in his first championship?

Air Jordan 6

Did Scottie Pippen ever win a championship without Michael Jordan?

No, he did not. Pippen won six NBA championship's; all with the Chicago Bulls (and Michael Jordan).

Who was on University of North Carolina championship team with Michael Jordan?

Michael jordan went to ucla in north carolina

How Many Championship rings did Michael Jordan Win?

He won 6 championship rings.

Who did Michael Jordan play against in his first championship?

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls played (and defeated) the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA Championship Finals.

What year did Michael Jordan win his second championship?


How many championship rings does Michael Jordan have?

6 championships

What year did Michael Jordan win his first championship?

In 1991

When did Michael Jordan win his first nba championship?


Was Michael Jordan the youngest player to win a championship?

No, it was Kobe

How many times did Michael Jordan win championship?