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Q: In what year did Larry Bird and Magic Johnson first start playing in the NBA?
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What is magic Johnson's real first name?


What year did magic johnson win his first championship?


How old was Magic Johnson when he won his first NBA Championship?


Who was the first American celebrity to admit to having AIDS?

Magic johnson

Who was the first NFL player with a 100 million dollar contract?

Larry Johnson

Who NBA player had the first 100 million dollar contract?

Larry johnson

Who was the first nba player to do no look passes?

Magic Johnson at the LA Lakers

How many points did ervin magic Johnson score in his first nba game?


When did Magic Johnson come back to the NBA after retiring the first time?

august 15

How many turnovers did magic Johnson have in the first six games of his NBA career?


Who play for the lakers on his first year and won a championship?

The lay was Earvin "Magic" Johnson

First NBA player to get 100 million dollar contract?

Larry Johnson

What year did Magic Johnson win his first NBA Championship?

79-80 against the philadelphia 76ers

What NBA team was magic Johnson first played against?

The clippers. Game winning shot by Kareem

What was Magic Johnson's rookie year?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson was a rookie during the 1979-1980 season. He was awarded NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award during this season. This was the first of many MVP awards.

In what year did Larry Bird first start playing in the NBA?

1979 on the Boston celtics

Is Magic Johnson on NBA live 09 If he is how do I get him?

OK First, you go on Roster Management Second, Sign/Release Players. Then, on the right you will see FREE AGENTS then switch it to LEGENDS. After, you find Magic Johnson. Last, you could sign in any team you want. Well Magic Johnson was in the LAKERS so just put him there (if you want to) .

Who was Magic Johnson's first coach in the NBA?

Magic's coach in his rookie season (1979-1980) was Paul Westhead. Westhead was in his first year of NBA coaching as the Lakers won the NBA championship that season.

What impact did Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have in the 1979 NCAA championship game?

Are you kidding me??? That was one of the best NCAA Championship games I have ever seen... That was the first time the basketball world had ever seen the "Alley-Oop"... Magic Johnson and Greg Kelser shocked the nation when they performed this magnificent ground breaking manuever in which the basketball is just simply thrown towards the area of the rim where the recipient jumps as though he's going for the rebound, then magically catches the basketball and slam dunks it... I'm not exactly sure how many points were scored by Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird... Heck, I was in the Seventh grade when I saw that game... So... I guess I really didn't answer your question... Sorry!!!... Michigan State won the game!!!...

Why is magic Johnson famous?

Magic Johnson was a basketball hall-of-famer as well as the first rookie to ever with the Finals MVP Award in 1980. He has also one the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for promoting AIDs awareness (he has HIV himself).

Who won the ncaa basketball national championship in 1979?

Michigan State defeated Indiana State 75-64. This game is notable as being the first match-up between longtime rivals Larry Bird (Indiana State) and Earvin "Magic" Johnson (Michigan State).

Was magic Johnson drafted to th sonics?

No he was a first round choice, and first overall choice, of the Lakers in 1979 and played with the Lakers all his NBA career.

Who was the first WNBA player to slam dunk in a game?

Lisa Leslie...and also has the record for the most WNBA pts.!!!!

What was so special about the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird?

The rivalry between Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird started in 1979, when Johnson was playing basketball for Michigan State University and Bird was playing for Indiana State. Michigan beat Indiana for the national collegiate championship. Johnson was chosen Most Valuable Player, but Bird was selected as player of the year by Associated Press, United Press International and the National Association of Coaches. That same year, Johnson and Bird went professional. Johnson was picked first in the NBA draft and joined the Los Angeles Lakers; Bird was picked sixth and joined the Boston Celtics. Both players would stick with their teams throughout their pro careers. The two teams met each other repeatedly in national competition, with Johnson's Lakers and Bird's Celtics trading titles most years during the 1980s. The Celtics and the Lakers were considered the two top NBA teams of the 80s, and Bird and Johnson were the star players in their teams. Johnson was a gregarious showman, whose enthusiasm for the game was felt by everyone who watched him. Bird was more introverted, but no less professional, playing a game that was equally exciting to watch. Their on-court rivalry did not carry over to their lives off the court. The two even starred together in a commercial for Converse basketball shoes. They became very close friends off-court.

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