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Q: In what year did Italy win the second final in the world cup?
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Who Italy played against in the final match of the world cup in Germany and what year?

Italy beat France on penalties in World Cup 2006.

What year was the last football world cup?

It was in 2006 Italy beat France on penalties in the final

Where was the seconed FIFA World Cup held in what year?

The second FIFA World Cup was held in Italy in 1934.

Who was the Australian winger gained his last cap in the 1991 world cup final and whose first name was bob?

There was no world cup in 1991, and it was held in Italy 1990, and that year Australia did not make it.

What year starts and ends the second millennium?

The start of the second millennium AD was 1001, and the final year of the second millennium was 2000.

Why do you think Italy might win the world cup this year?

Italy has had a very weak start and probably will not win the world cup this year.

Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 2006?

The F.I.F.A 2007 footballer of the year was the Brazilian Kaka.

First European country to win the world cup?

the 1st world cup is in China -Actually the first world cup was in Uruguay.

What trophies has the country Italy won?

Italy have currently only won one European championship and that was in 1968. The closest they have got to winning one since was when they came second in the year 2000.

Who won the soccer world cup in 1991?

There was no world cup in the year 1991. In fact it was held in 1990 in Italy and the winner was West Germany.In the final West Germany beat Argentina by a score of 1-0 .

When is this year's World Cup final?

This years final of the world cup will be held on 11/7/2010.

What year did Ronaldo Nazario win the World Cup final?

He won the World Cup final in 2002.