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Q: In what year could women start participating in swimming events in the Olympics?
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Are blind people participating in the Olympics?

They could be luck to participate in the para olympics.

What events could black enter in the Olympics?


Would it be a good idea for an athlete to enter 7 events at the Olympics?

It all depends on if you qualify for that many events. You cannot compete in a swimming event in the olympics unless you qualify. So yeah it would be a great thing to do because you could would have more opportunies to achieve a medal.

What were the first Olympic events?

the first olympic event was runnigAncient Olympic Games: The ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern Games. There were fewer events, and only free men who spoke Greek could compete, instead of athletes from any country.* Boxing * Equestrian events ** Chariot racing ** Riding * Pankration * Pentathlon ** Discus ** Javelin ** Jump ** Running ** Wrestling * Running * WrestlingFirst Modern Olympics 1896:* Athletics * Cycling * Fencing * Gymnastics * Shooting * Swimming * Tennis * Weightlifting * WrestlingThe first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in Greece. The sports in this first Olympiad were track, swimming, gymnastics, shooting, wrestling, cycling, weightlifting and tennis.At the earliest known Olympics held in 776 BC, the only event was a foot race of approximately 200 meters.At the first modern Olympics held in 1896 athletics, gymnastics, tennis, wrestling, weightlifting, cycling, fencing, swimming, and shooting were competed.

Who could not compete in or even attend the Olympics?

Females - it was a male religious occasion and women had their own events which males could not attend.

What event happens every four summers and focuses on Track and Field Events worldwide?

Could it be the Olympics.

Were women allowed to participate in the Ancient Olympics?

Not in all events. There were some events that had women competitors. Married women weren't allowed to spectate because the men in the Olympics were entirely nude. The penalty could be a harsh as death.

What Australian person is Competing in the Olympics Synchronized Swimming?

Australia's duet and team did not qualify for the Olympics. They performed in Sydney by default as the host nation, but could not swim at the Athens or Beijing Olympics because they needed higher scores at international competitions to do that.

Which and how many countries are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

At this stage it would be not certain as to which countries will compete. That will only become clear when the 2012 Olympics come closer. A lot can happen in the next 4 years that could determine who will attend them.Answer #2204 countries are participating in 2012 summer Olympics.

Who is the fastest swimmer ever?

since swimming competitevly started in 1902 in the olympics, swimming has evolved not only in the equiptnent but the way abpersons body is shaped and how strong they are. but no man could ever beat this all time swimming champion since the first olympics. Jesus was the bes swimmer of them all. he swam a 3 second 100yd free event.

What events were in the pankration?

The pankreton was an event in the ancient Olympics. It was a combination of boxing and wrestling with few rules and could result in death.

What is the only Olympics sport that has a finish line no competitor will ever cross?

could it be swimming? you don't cross that finishing line you just touch it.

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