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After 36 years of undefeated dominance, Team USA lost its first Olympic Basketball game at the 1972 Munich gold medal game to the USSR. The last minute of the contest was and remains one of the most controversial finishes in Olympic history.

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Q: In what summer Olympics did the US lose its first basketball game?
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When was the first Olympic Basketball game played?

At the 1936 Summer Olympics.

What year was the first olympic basketball game held?

The first basketball games in the Olympics were played on August 7, 1936 at the Summer Games in Berlin.

Im what summer did the Olympics did the us lose its first basketball game?

The finals of the 1972 Games in Munich.

What are different Olympic games?

It depends upon the particular Olympics. There are summer and winter Olympics. An example of a summer Olympic game is basketball. An example of a winter Olympic game is ice hockey.

When was volleyball first included in the Olympics?

it was first played at the 1924 Summer Olympics at Paris as a "simple game" but it was officially included in the 1964 Summer Olympics

When and where was the first basketball Olympics at?

The first Olympic Basketball game was held in Springfield,Massachusetts in 1936

Where the first basketball game in the Olympics?

The first game in the Olympics, besides the demonstration, was held in Berlin, Germany on August 7, 1936.

What was the first US capital city to host an Olympic Game?

Atlanta, Georgia was the first U.S. state capital to host a Summer Olympics (1996 Summer Olympics).

Who won in the first basketball game in the Olympics?

celyster libot won the olympic games

When was basketball game first introduced into the Olympics?

Basketball's first time in the Olympics was as a demonstration event at the 1904 Games in St. Louis. It became a medal event at the 1936 Games in Berlin and has been in every Olympic Games since.

What was the first Olympic game held in United Kingdom?

in 1909 first olympic game held in united kingdom is called summer olympics.

Father of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith is known as the father of basketball. He first invented the game of basketball in 1891, made the original rules, fostered the beginnings of college basketball at the University of Kansas, and helped launch basketball into the Olympics.

What year did Korea host the summer Olympics game?

Seoul, South Korea hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics.

When was the first admitted of soccer in olympic game?

Football made its debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.

First basketball game?

first organized basketball game

When was the first basketball game in the Olympics?

An exhibition match was played at the 1904 Olympics, but basketball did not become an official part of the games until 1936.AnswerAugust 1936

Was micahel Jordan sign by Chicago when he play in the 84 olympic game?

No. At the time, the Olympics did not allow professionals to compete in basketball. His contract with the Bulls, along with his endorsement contract with Nike, was signed after the 1984 Summer Olympics were over.

Can you bring posters to an US Olympics basketball game?

yes we can

How long is a game of basketball in the Olympics?

1-2 hours

When was the first indoor volleyball game in the Olympics?

Volleyball, both men's and women's, debuted at the 1964 Summer Games in Tokyo.

The first basketball game ever?

The first basketball game was in Springfield,Massachusetts in 1891.

What famous event is there for basketball?

Famous events for the NBA (National Basketball Association) are the NBA Draft, NBA Summer League, NBA All-Star Weekend (All-Star game, 3-point shootout, slam dunk contest), NBA Playoffs, and the NBA Finals. Other famous basketball events include the NCAA Men's Division 1 Tournament (March Madness), the Final Four, McDonald's All-American Game, WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) All-Star game and the finals, FIBA World Championship, and Basketball at the Summer Olympics

Was there an Olympic game in 1999?

There was no Olympics that year, summer or winter.

Where will the 2013 summer olympics game be held?

columbia sc

When were first basketball game organized?

Get your grammar right! It's When WAS the first basketball game organized!!